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Typical Applications

  • Water Jetting
  • Power Plants
  • Borehole
  • Agriculture
  • Utilities
  • Wastewater
  • Process Plants

Customers benefit from Fileder's 'easy to deal with' philosophy, supplying direct from their extensive stock, helping to reduce supplier base and purchasing costs, while supplying high quality filtration and water treatment solutions for use in each application.

Each application is different, meaning consideration should be given to the variable factors affecting product and system choice. Factors such as, the required quality of the filtrate, temperature of the liquid, maximum pressure of the system, the rate of liquid processing, type of liquid, location of system.

Fileder has supplied to many markets and applications for over 35 years and have the experience and product ranges to offer liquid filtration and water treatment solutions.

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Water Jetting

An area where pre filtration is required is in high-pressure water jetting applications, which normally use plunger type reciprocating pumps to produce the very high pressures required (400 - 3,000bar).

The ingress of solids to this type of pump will cause damage and lack of efficiency and pre filtering to 5µm or as low as 1µm is recommended, typically with depth cartridges.

Fileder recommends

Bag Filters | Bag Housings | Depth Cartridges | Filter Housings

 Pumped Liquids

In most pump applications we improve the quality of the liquid or fluids being pumped and purify to levels of filtration required within the system to maintain cleanliness or product integrity.

A typical example would be water being pumped to a holding tank – sediment filtration should be used to prevent the build-up of dirt within the tank.

Fileder recommends

Depth Cartridges | Pleated Cartridges | Ultraviolet Systems | Water Softeners | Reverse Osmosis Systems | Filter Housings