With Cryptosporidium increasingly hitting news headlines it’s clear that organisations that use water as part of their operation need to be aware of what this parasite is, why it is bad for humans and, most importantly, how to prevent it. This article aims to answer the questions you have about this parasite and how you can avoid affecting your end product.

What is Cryptosporidium?

Cryptosporidium (Crypto) is a microscopic parasite (sized between 3-6 micron) which is most commonly spread by water. This parasite is protected whilst in the Oocyst egg stage allowing it to survive outside the body for long periods of time and by an outer shell when hatched.

Where is it found?

The most common source of Crypto infection is farm faeces, therefore it’s relatively easy for it to find its way into water supplies. This parasite is usually found in inadequately filtered drinking supplies, swimming pools, lakes, rivers and reservoirs (common supply sources).


Crypto is a nasty little bug that can cause serious and sometimes life-threatening illnesses, including Cryptosporidiosis. Affecting the intestines of both humans and mammals, symptoms include stomach cramps, diarrhoea, nausea, dehydration and headaches. Most at risk of infection are young children, the elderly and those with low immune systems. Once infected there is no known treatment.

How to prevent it?

The big question for all those working with water. As Crypto is resistant to most chemicals including chlorine, traditional water treatment methods are insufficient. The best method is to physically remove the parasite using pleated filtration.

Depending on where the tainted water has been round, you can either remove the parasite from the incoming source or before the outlet of water, e.g. taps, vending machines, manufacturing or water processing.

Most commonly we recommend the use of SPECTRUM Inox multi-round filter housings and SPECTRUM premier pleat glass fibre cartridges.

To find out more on how to remove bacteria and parasites from your water, please download our ‘Solutions for Bacteria & Parasites’ guide as seen below. The guide will take you through the processed of how water can become contaminated and the best products to use for the application.

What Is Cryptosporidium And How To Prevent It - Fileder Filter Systems

Download our 'Solutions for Bacteria & Parasites' guide

Cryptosporidium poses a very real challenge to water treatment process not just because of its small size but also because of its resistance to disinfection.

If you're concerned with your operation being infected by Cryptosporidium, Fileder Filter Systems has a wide range of certified products available that combat the bug ensuring that we will have the right solution for you.

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