My experience so far…

Before I joined the Fileder team, I remained puzzled about what the term ‘water filtration’ meant. However, in my first week I discovered this was not a problem, as I learnt that, although this term is core to their business and success there were a plethora of other departments I could explore with this term in mind. Considering this, I learnt that these diverse departments undoubtedly enable them to be experts in filtration, beyond their quality products. Consequently, as I began to explore these other avenues, and sectors in the business I could engage with the term water filtration repeatedly due to the fact that the different members of the team from varied sectors encouraged me to apply the term within different areas in mind.

Although, I am an inquisitive individual, when I had an introductory filtration lesson, with another new colleague, I began to ask many questions which was thoroughly encouraged. I was shocked to discover how crucial water filtration, and treatment is to everyday life. I was told that filtration literally means the removal of an unwanted thing, from something one wishes to keep. Therefore, through applying this to everyday life I could see how this was such an important business which enables society to essentially function. From our food being protected from contaminants, water being softened, alcoholic beverages tasting specifically the way we like them, hospitals protecting their patients from infection and other businesses being able to function such as cleaners with spot-free rinse systems. Accordingly, when you consider these aspects of everyday life that Fileder has influence over, its ethos to deliver the best possible service and products could not be more important.

I have now seen their focus on quality, firsthand. This quality is not only echoed through the products they sell, and the high standards across their ranges but in all areas of the business. Even their 55,000 ft² warehouse is immaculately arranged, which visibly reiterates their professionalism and status in the market that has been so well deserved for 20 years.

Another initiative that I was extremely impressed with, was their commitment to go green. They have partnered with The Conservation Volunteers to plant trees in the Maidstone area. Additionally, they have decided that from 2020 all their cars will be entirely electric so their sales team will be emitting less emissions on the road. In consequence of this, they have decided that none of their waste will end up in landfill sites. This initiative to go green also extends to the health benefits of the employees at Fileder. From the minute I joined I was surprised by how at Fileder emphasises that a work-life balance is paramount for its employees. This reiterates the unique care the company encapsulates. These benefits include osteopath treatment, boxercise, golf society, fitness sessions, counselling and a medical helpline. Benefits such as these make me feel like there is a real sense of well being and care embedded into the company, and this duty of care stretches to the way they care for their customers. This is evident through the unrivalled resources and knowledge they supply to their customers on their website. Additionally, they are honest in the sense that they acknowledge their company’s experience has stemmed from every application they have received through the continuous learning that comes via new queries, then applying the latest technologies to them.

I am honoured to be able to work for a company that has been so friendly, warm and inviting towards a new member joining their team. I hope to carry on learning and progress with my career here at Fileder.

Working for Fileder – My experience so far… - Fileder Filter Systems