Food manufacturing sites are judged on the volume and quality of the foodstuffs produced, making filtration and water treatment a key ingredient for their success. Whether the food is cooked or uncooked, consumer safety is of paramount importance with the wide range of brand options available.

Add this to the modern preference for locally sourced foods and it is easy to see why many food producers are turning to Fileder to help support their success. The common requirements of Cryptosporidium (Crypto) protection and in some cases, that of bacteria removal in uncooked foods such as salads, herbs, cheeses, flavours and essences, is assured with the service and products supplied from Fileder.

Cooked foods such as pies, pastries, bread, require water treatment and filtration on the water used to process the food and also for feeding the boiler with water that makes the energy bills reduce, this is of benefit to any food sites with industrial boilers and is particularly beneficial in milk powder production. Food manufacturers rely on Fileder’s service, delivery and consistently high quality products to support their businesses and help keep their products and reputation at high levels.

The Challenges

Food Production - Fileder Filter Systems
  • Cryptosporidium and other parasites protection
  • Bacteria removal from product water
  • Contamination with wash-down water
  • Product appearance and quality
  • Boiler efficiency