Lens manufacturers work with Fileder to help improve their yields by using systems that reduce the chance for defects in production and the costs for lens component rework. It is imperative for this industry to operate high standards of production processes due to the critical nature of the lens applications.

After production of the plastic or glass blank, there are a number of processes used to make the finished lens, including blocking, grinding, polishing, de-blocking and cleaning, tinting and coating. Fileder supply many lens manufacturers with filtration and water treatment systems particularly focussed on the production of de-ionised water for the lens cleaning stage and the filtration of the lacquer to remove gels or lumps that can form.

The Challenges

Optical Lenses - Fileder Filter Systems
  • Pure de-ionised water production
  • Lacquer coating quality control
  • Control of site water quality for facilities applications such as incoming water for glass cutting equipment, boiler feed, drinking and washing
  • Certification of supplier and products
  • Supplier base reduction
  • Product delivery lead times