Pumps and filters are often used in combination in areas such as plant rooms or mobile systems. For the vast majority of these applications, the filtration is a requirement of the liquid in the specific application and unrelated to the pump itself, such as removal of sediment before or after a storage tank or water softening on incoming water to the site.

In high pressure water jetting applications, however, where pressures can be as high as 3,000 bar, filtration is required to protect the pump from damage caused to the impellors from particles and debris in the water. Bag or depth filtration is commonly used in this application for the removal of particles in the water. High pressure jetting is used in industries such as food manufacture to cut the foodstuffs and here, it is filtered and treated to suit the food manufacturing standards.

The Challenges

Pumps - Fileder Filter Systems
  • Particle removal to prevent pump damage
  • High pressure jetting requirements
  • Requirements for the application of the liquid being pumped
  • Scale control to protect equipment from scale
  • Requirement for simple and effective maintenance