There are a variety of vehicle wash systems depending on the size of the vehicle from car to truck to train to planes. Each system has a similar requirement for washing the bulk of the dirt initially before using detergent to clean and then polish using pure water to leave a spot free finish.

This happens in a fast time and with no manual involvement meaning the brushes, cleaning chemicals and the water quality are the critical elements in achieving the desired result. Filtration and water treatment solutions are supplied by Fileder to this industry for the production of the final polishing RO or DI quality water that creates the spot free result and also in the reclamation of water used in the initial cleaning processes, to reduce waste.

Depth cartridges or bags are typically used to remove particles from water pumped from the sump, carbon cartridges are also used to protect the valuable RO membranes from chlorine attack and blinding from organics. RO systems are employed to make the pure water for the final rinse and these can be followed by a DI resin stage to generate even purer water for improved results.

The Challenges

Vehicle Washing - Fileder Filter Systems
  • Spot free finish after vehicle wash
  • Pure water production to reverse osmosis (RO) or deionised (DI) levels of water quality
  • Control of water from hardness scaling membranes and equipment
  • Protection of RO membranes
  • Speed of cleaning
  • Requirement for simple and effective maintenance