The requirements for medical grade systems and filtration is as important to veterinarians as it is to doctors in hospitals. Animal healthcare, including equine specialists, is an industry dealing with a wide variety of species and their ailments, and includes many operations of a complex nature.

Although there is this variety of treatments, there are common threads of filtration and water treatment requirements throughout the industry, for applications such as endoscopy and the sterilisation of instruments. Fileder have worked with veterinarians over many years to support their requirements for medical grade processes and the water systems used to produce water that is reliable for use in this critical market.

The Challenges

Veterinary - Fileder Filter Systems
  • Benchtop steriliser issues from the production of reverse osmosis (RO) water
  • Removal of bacteria from water introduced to animal
  • Control of water from hardness scaling equipment and bacteria causing contamination
  • Meeting standards of water cleanliness for feeding automated endoscope reprocessing (AER) systems
  • Animal and staff safety
  • Requirement for simple and effective maintenance
  • Certification of supplier and products
  • Requirement for consistent supply of high quality filter consumables