Product Overview

The JNC range of encapsulated depth filters are a safe, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly method of filtering. This innovative range has many benefits across multiple industries, including coatings, chemicals, electronics and many industrial applications, delivering a safer and cleaner working environment as well as eliminating filter bypass and cross-contamination risks.

The beauty of the Quick-Pack lies in its simplicity. Cartridges are encapsulated and remain contained, away from the operator, preventing contact with contaminants and hazardous materials. As the Quick-Pack fills out, the liner pushes against the housing walls, so the housing takes the pressure, meaning highly viscous fluids and high-pressure applications can be safely processed.

The filters are available in single-round configurations for small batch processes, or larger multi-round systems for high-flow applications.

Key Product Features

  • Capable of removing challenging gels, deformable contaminants and damaging particles.
  • Available in a range of configurations (1 Round, 3 Round or 7 Round) in 5",10", 20" and 30" lengths; allowing for better catering across various application requirements.
  • Utilising the unique bicomponent fibre construction across 5 different cartridges for effective, three-dimensional bond strength.
JNC Quick-Pack - Fileder Filter Systems
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