Product Overview

Pentair’s latest developments in filter cartridge housing technology offers a built-in bypass valve for easy cartridge change-outs, eliminating the need to shut off the water supply.

The bypass allows the user to easily switch between filtered and non-filtered water with a simple half-turn of its large control know which is built-in to the head. This makes it easy to change-out filter cartridges without the need to turn off the water supply, which can cause disruption to the whole building.

The housings are available with 1″NPT inlet and outlet ports and include a pressure relief button. The housings are available in both 10″ and 20″ lengths, making them versatile enough to meet all large capacity filtration needs.

Key Product Features

  • Allows continuous flow during cartridge changes, cleaning & maintenance
  • Highest by-pass flow on the market
  • Switch from filtered to non-filtered easily
  • Easy to turn the smooth mechanism
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Avoids shutting off mains water or any additional valves
  • Avoids shutting off mains water or any additional valves
Pentair Big White Housing with Bypass - Fileder Filter Systems
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