Product Overview

316L Stainless steel water fiĀ­lter housing systems suit applications where high purity and durability are required for the process and environment.

Liquids of high temperature, pressure and chemical aggression or processes with clean-in-place (CIP), require filter housing systems made from high-quality components, constructed to a high standard, that are cleanable, durable and dependable.

Cleanliness of equipment avoids cross-contamination in many processes. Durable 316L stainless steel housings can be CIP processed and the systems can be dismantled into the 316L stainless steel components for autoclaving or sterilising procedures. The Buna gasket ensures the integrity of the housing seal and should be replaced during routine maintenance or if environmental compatibility requires the use of EPDM, Silicone, Teflon or Viton options.

System designs incorporate the DWI approved Inox Premier housing as the final stage, ensuring cartridges with double O-ring or 222 security fittings can be used for final filtration. Pre-filtration stages utilise the flexibility of the DWI approved Inox Standard housing which accepts double open-ended cartridges.

Pre-assembled, leak tested, quality assured and packaged with complete installation and maintenance instructions.

Key Product Features

  • Each system is individually leak tested before despatch
  • Brackets are manufactured using 316L grade stainless steel
  • Each housing includes a 1/4" drain
  • Durable labels for identification
  • Final housing accepts 222 fitting cartridges for added security
  • Closure tool included
SPECTRUM Inox Standard Systems - Fileder Filter Systems
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