Product Overview

5 major problems associated with well and borehole water are treated with just 1 water treatment system.

By using the latest patented resin innovations combined with tried and tested media, the MixH₂O-PRO operates as a traditional softener to reduce hardness and also remove iron, manganese, tannins and ammonia.

After regeneration, the 5 types of media settle to form layers that work in conjunction with each other to remove the target contaminants of iron, manganese, organics, tannins, colour, as well as softening the water by removing calcium and magnesium.

With flow rates spanning 1 to 7m³/hr, the MixH₂O-PRO range covers all common requirements for supplying clean water for home, commercial and pre-RO use. Installation and maintenance is made simple as all components are easily accessible and the system comes complete with a brine tank, resin mix and the light SPECTRUM valves, which are easier to service than traditional valves.

Key Product Features

  • High performance, lightweight SPECTRUM 5 or 7 valve
  • PED compliant pressure vessels for reliability and peace of mind
  • High grade resin included with each system
  • Systems with resin volumes of 150+ litres incorporate a star type distribution system that maintains low pressure drop
  • Added security with each system incorporating a brine tank, air check and safety valve, minimising the risk of overflow from the brine tank
SPECTRUM MixH₂O-PRO Water Conditioner - Fileder Filter Systems
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