Product Overview

The majority of water in the UK comes from groundwater sources. Rainwater permeates layers of soil, clay, sand and rock and in the process, picks up a number of minerals along the way. Water hardness is defined by the content of calcium and magnesium that is found in water. Therefore, the harder the water, the more calcium and magnesium it contains.

Although non-toxic, hard water can cause a number of problems because traces of calcium and magnesium are left on the surfaces it comes into contact with, including pipework, glassware, surfaces and appliances. This build-up of deposits is scale and its formation leads to reduced flow rates, higher energy costs, under-performing appliances and in some applications increased detergent use.

Excess deposits create a drop in system efficiencies, increased chemical cleaning costs and maintenance schedules and, in the worst cases, equipment failure.

Key Product Features

  • Ready to install with integral vessel, resin, brine tank and brine valve system
  • LCD display shows time of day and volume of water before next generation
  • Volumetric control precisely measures the volume of soft water produced to optimise salt usage
  • Minimal regenerations means less wastewater to drain during regeneration process
  • Integrated bypass allows usage of hard water when soft water is not required. i.e. when using a hosepipe
  • Blending valve allows complete control over hardness
  • PED compliant pressure vessels for reliability and peace of mind
SPECTRUM SoftH₂O-PRO Water Softener - Fileder Filter Systems
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