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Treating water using resin cartridges targets unwanted elements and removes or prevents them from causing process issues. 

Pentair Water Softening Cartridges

Pentair Water Softening Cartridges

The WS series of water softening cartridges are an effective and efficient water treatment solution providing high-capacity for point-of-use applications.

Pentair Scale Inhibiting Cartridges

Pentair Scale Inhibiting Cartridge

The PCC series of water treatment cartridges contain food-grade hexametaphosphate that dissolves slowly in water to target problems caused by scale, corrosion and iron.

SPECTRUM Ion-X High-Purity Colour Change DI

SPECTRUM Ion-X High-Purity
Colour Change DI Cartridge

The SPECTRUM Ion-X high-purity colour change DI water treatment cartridge has been designed to provide DI water needed in high-purity water washing, rinsing and testing applications.


SPECTRUM Ion-X Mixed-Bed DI Cartridge

The Ion-X high capacity mixed-bed cartridge is ideal for water treatment in pharmaceutical, medical, laboratory, cosmetic and printed circuit board applications or where low TOC and TOS levels are required.

SPECTRUM Heavy Metal Cartridge

SPECTRUM Heavy Metal Cartridge

Ion-X from SPECTRUM is an effective range of contaminant removal cartridges.

SPECTRUM Nitrate Removal Cartridge

SPECTRUM Nitrate Removal Cartridge

Not all harmful impurities in potable water supplies can be detectable by taste and/or smell alone and even low levels of nitrates are toxic.

SPECTRUM PH Correction Cartridge

SPECTRUM pH Correction Cartridge

Designed to provide an easy and effective method of reducing iron in water, greatly improving taste.

Pentair Iron Removal Cartridge

Pentair Iron Removal Cartridge

Designed to provide an easy and effective method of reducing iron in water, greatly improving taste.