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SPECTRUM Standard Pressure Vessel

Pressure Vessel

Lot-coded for product tracking and traceability, the SPECTRUM range of black pressure vessels, also known as DI or resin tanks, are tested to ensure product quality and reliability.

SPECTRUM Premier Pressure Vessel

Pressure Vessel

The SPECTRUM pressure vessel utilizes a revolutionary integrated, top and bottom plate distribution system to give up to 30% higher resin efficiencies than standard systems allow.

Empty Cartridge Shells

Cartridge Shells

Empty cartridge shells offer a versatile and economic way to manufacture bespoke media cartridges, for flexible or low-volume / trial applications prior to full scale production.

SPECTRUM Loose Carbon

SPECTRUM Loose Carbon

Intended for general chlorine and organic removal the SCG-C granular carbon is predominately used for pressure vessels where economic, high capacity filtration is required.

SPECTRUM Softening Resin

SPECTRUM Softening Resin

The SRSO softening resin from SPECTRUM has been designed for use within both commercial and industrial applications.

Purolite Heavy Metal Removal

SPECTRUM Heavy Metal Removal

The SRHM is a high purity, high capacity, weak acid, cation exchange resin developed for the treatment of
potable water.

SPECTRUM General Purpose DI Resin

Purpose DI Resin

The high quality mixed bed resin, SPECTRUM SRDI is designed to ensure the highest capacity and most efficient operation to create pure deionised water.

Purolite Nuclear Grade Mixed-Bed Resin

Purolite Nuclear Grade
Mixed-Bed Resin

Nuclear grade mixed-bed DI resins are used for the production of ultra-pure water, ensuring that the water treated is of the highest purity possible.