Fileder Goes Green

Fileder holds a proactive approach to social responsibilities – people, values, other organisations and the environment around us; annually nominating a local charity and encouraging our employees to volunteer as part of the company’s commitment.

Keen to inspire learning and fulfilling ambitions both within and outside of the workplace, Fileder organises various development and social activities.

Solar Panel Website

Solar Power

Fileder has recently had Solar Panels installed at our Maidstone Head Offices. This will account for 42% of our electricity usage, which will all be generated from pure sun power!

Renewable solar energy has a vital role in reducing dependence on the national grid, emissions, and mitigating climate change.

Recycling Bigger


Fileder’s recycling initiative sends all possible materials to be reprocessed into new products and, where not, all other general waste is generated into energy; consequentially resulting in absolutely 0% to Landfill.

Our business partners can help support Fileder’s ‘Go Green’ commitment further by recycling wooden pallets, all cardboard and plastic packaging, or reusing items, such as plastic pallets, which are specifically requested by some industries.

Fileder is working with our manufacturing partners to ensure that cardboard packaging meets our goal of using 75% recycled material, with SPECTRUM and Veolia already exceeding this figure. Up to 47% of Fileder’s packaging is either recyclable or made from recycled materials.

Product Recycling Options: All materials can be recycled / repurposed (bar Viton), although specialist recycling companies may be required for some materials, such as silicone, and will be dependent on fluid qualities.

Carbon Footprint Bigger

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Fileder have pledged to the SME Climate commitment to reduce our emissions by 2050 and disclose our progress. We support environmental initiatives through its professional services and products, which provide a technical solution for removing contaminants and promoting the conservation of natural resources.

In 2021 Fileder partnered with TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) to plant 2021 trees at Hollingbourne Meadows Trust to support the local environment. Spring 2022 Fileder also took part in the Great British Spring Clean with the goal to pick up 40 bags of litter around our estate.

As the global and customer focus turns more to environmental responsibility and action, having Fileder as a business partner promoting sustainability and being part of your supply chain can reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Electric Car Charging

Electric Company Cars

All company cars are being upgraded from hybrid to electric, meaning less emissions from our sales teams on the road as part of our pledge to reduce our carbon footprint.

Iso Certified

ISO 14001 Certified

Fileder has recently achieved the voluntary standard ISO 14001:2015 in 2021. We plan to continually improve our environmental performance across departments and minimise our impact.

We are continually researching for environmentally friendly alternatives across all departments to improve our environmental performance. Recently this has meant the introduction of recycle packaging, re-usable PPE, and an internal drive for office recycling.

Plastic Tax

Plastic Packaging Tax

Fileder supports the governments drive to encourage the use of recycled rather than new plastic within plastic packaging and is already working closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure that we not only meet but exceed 30% recycled targets.

Currently 47% of our packaging is part recyclable or recycled and we are continuously researching for more commercially viable alternatives.


Sustainablility Award

In 2020, Fileder was awarded SILVER in the EcoVadis Sustainable Procurement Leadership Awards scheme, which celebrates excellence and recognises the outstanding performance of companies in engaging and integrating sustainability into their relationships with trading partners around the globe.