When we talk about the pharmaceutical industry, we include those clients that develop and produce drugs for use as medications. This is a complex arena to operate in as there are a variety of laws to comply with that govern the patenting, testing, effectiveness, production and the marketing of the drugs produced.

Fileder often partners with pharmaceutical clients to solve issues of repeatable supply of high quality filtration and water treatment systems, components and consumables. Almost all of our clients in this field require either the incoming water to site or specific areas to be provided with pure water. There is also the requirement for filtration of the drug product itself when in liquid form and customers rely on Fileder’s excellent service and delivery of certified and validated filter cartridges to meet regulatory requirements as well as expected lead times.

The Challenges

Pharmaceutical - Fileder Filter Systems
  • Incoming water filtration and treatment including softening to protect equipment from scaling
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) or de-ionised (DI) quality water production
  • Dilution water purity
  • Pharmaceutical medicine/drug product filtration validation
  • Requirement for consistent supply of high quality filter consumables