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Fileder has a wealth of experience, supported by a portfolio of validated products, working with hospitals and healthcare professionals, looking at all aspects of water from incoming ring-main through to the filtration equipment used in endoscopy and legionella protection applications. Purified water is an essential resource within all hospital environments, vital across a diverse range of applications, to ensure that contaminants are not introduced into subsequent stages of critical processes such as sterilisation, infection control and renal dialysis. Hospitals benefit from Fileder’s ‘easy to deal with’ philosophy, supplying direct from extensive stock, helping to reduce supplier base and purchasing costs, while supplying high quality certified product solutions, on time, for use in each department.

There is such a broad spectrum of applications in a typical hospital that these have been separated into the hospital departments to help narrow the search for the solution to your application. Starting with the incoming water, where the use of purification techniques here, lead to improved results throughout the entire hospital. Also covered, are many of the other Estates and Facilities responsibilities such as boiler feed, HVAC, kitchen, laundry and drinking applications. More specific filtration and water treatment solutions are often required for departments using water in their processes such as the washing of endoscopes for an endoscopy, infection control requiring bacteria removal at tap and shower outlets, sterile services needing to produce pure water for autoclaving, renal dialysis central pure water plants and home dialysis systems, and dental departments also require pure water for their benchtop sterilisers.Fileder has provided hospitals with filtration and water treatment solutions for over 3 decades, helping to produce safe, pure water to meet stringent standards required for patient safety.

The Challenges

  • Control of water for each department's individual application requirements, spanning particle and chemical contaminant levels, bacteria and parasite control, hardness scaling pipes, waste and energy use
  • Compliance with stringent standards and HTMs guidance
  • Patient and staff safety
  • Certification of supplier and products
  • Supplier base reduction
  • Product delivery lead times
  • Production of pure water


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Hospital Guide

Shower & Tap Validation Guide

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