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The Power Of Deionised Water In Pre Commissioning

The Power of Deionised Water in Pre-Commissioning

Within the pre-commissioning industry, increasing efficiency of closed loop water systems and lowering maintenance cost is achieved using filtration to produce deionised water. However, have you ever thought of treating water for this application at the point of entry?

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4 Common Misconceptions About Desalination Applications

4 Common Misconceptions About Desalination Applications

Despite its significance, there are often common misconceptions that surround desalination applications that can lead to misunderstandings regarding the effectiveness, environmental impact and cost. We debunk them here!

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What Is Desalination?

What is Desalination?

Desalination is a process that removes salt and other impurities from seawater, making water suitable for human consumption or for use in various industrial processes, but why is it important?

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alt="How To Remove Legionella From Your Supply"

How To Remove Legionella From Your Supply

Legionella bacteria can be extremely detrimental to your health, so it’s important you understand how to remove Legionella from your supply and prevent the bacteria from growing.

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What Is Legionella: Risks And Testing

What is Legionella: Risks and Testing

Legionella is a group of bacteria commonly found in natural water sources like rivers and lakes. However, it becomes a cause for concern when it multiplies…

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Filtering High Viscosity Vs Low Viscosity In The Cosmetics Industry

Filtering High Viscosity vs Low Viscosity in the Cosmetics Industry

Traditional filtration methods could struggle to handle thicker substances, leading to inefficiencies, increased downtime due to blockage, and potential compromise on final product quality. Distinguishing between high viscosity and low viscosity solutions is a consideration our experts have over 4 decades of experience in.

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Pure Water Production In Cosmetics And Toiletries

Pure Water Production in Cosmetics and Toiletries

‘Aqua’, or water as we know it, tends to be first on the ingredient list of your favourite cosmetics product. We’re here to tell you the role of pure water production in makeup water and just how critical it is to get this right.

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alt="How Filtration Benefits the Chemical Prodiction Industry"

4 Elements for Success: How Filtration Overcomes Challenges in Chemical Production

Quality control plays an extremely important role in the chemical production market. It is essential to guarantee the highest quality product, free from any undesirable contaminants that may impact both performance in service and the aesthetic of the chemical.

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alt="The Importance of Pure Water in Hydrogen Production"

Green Energy: The Importance of Pure Water in Hydrogen Production

What may not be immediately considered in the production of this green energy is the role that pure water, specifically deionised (DI) or ultra-pure water, plays in ensuring the efficiency and longevity of hydrogen electrolyzers.

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The cold reality of how winter weather impacts your application

Cold Reality: How Winter Weather Impacts Your Application

As winter covers the world in bleak coldness, snow and ice, it brings a unique set of challenges for various applications. One aspect that may not be considered is the how winter weather impacts your application, including filter housings, reverse osmosis (RO), and water treatment in general.

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Emerging Trends 2024

3 Emerging Trends To Watch Out For In 2024

As we enter the new year, the world is witnessing changes in all sectors, from upcoming technology to environmental sustainability. We’ve put together a few emerging trends that have been mentioned at exhibitions and in the news, and think they will be hot topics that are set to shape the course of the water industry in 2024!

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Whisky bottle that has been filtered by high flow filtration in distillery perfection process.

Go With the High Flow: How High Flow Filters Benefit Distilleries

Distillers must go through a process where every nuance is integral to the final product and precision is paramount. For this reason, the importance of high flow filters throughout large distilling applications cannot be understated.

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The role that filtration plays in the distillery process, creating the perfect end product!

Fine-Tuning Excellence: The Role of Filtration in Distillery Perfection

In the distilling world, every drop is a testament to craftsmanship, and achieving perfection is an ongoing goal. One key aspect of this journey is the role that filtration in distillery applications plays in the process. The art of crafting excellence meets the science of filtration!

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Better Brews Blog

Crafting Better Brews: Can Carbon Cartridges Remove Chloramine in the Brewing Process?

We explore the impact of chloramines on the brewing industry and whether carbon filters can effectively remove them, safeguarding the art of brewing.

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Fact or Fiction - Debunking Common Misconceptions About Water Treatment

Water Treatment: Separating 4 Facts from Fiction

There are some common misconceptions that cloud the importance of this practice. Separating fact from fiction is important to understand the accurate information in this field!

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What is Reverse Osmosis? Find out in our new blog post!

Back to Basics: What is Reverse Osmosis?

Widely known as one of the most effective water treatment processes, reverse osmosis (RO) leaves you with clean, contaminant free water. But, how does it work and why is it important?

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Insitu 3 Stage Ptl System Under Sink

What is Point-of-Use Filtration?

With various contaminants including bacteria, chlorine, particulate and other impurities finding their way into our water supplies, the need for effective filtration solutions has never been greater. What is Point-of-Use filtration and how can it help you?

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Contaminant Blog Image Cover

5 Methods To Remove Contaminants From Water

As a dedicated process filtration and water treatment supplier, we understand the crucial role that different filtration methods play in removing contaminants from a supply. Here are 5 methods to remove contaminants.

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What Is Cryptosporidium And How To Prevent It Crypto

What Is Cryptosporidium?

Waterborne diseases pose a significant risk to human health worldwide, and one that should not be overlooked is the parasite Cryptosporidium.

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Paper Mill Production

Why Do Paper Mills Need Water Filtration?

It is widely known that paper mills require two essential ingredients to produce paper: trees and water. Surprisingly, water is the most crucial component in the entire paper making process.

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Water Treatment Banner 3

What is Water Treatment?

Water treatment is essential for ensuring availability of high quality drinking water by removing contaminants and impurities that, most of the time, you cannot see.

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Running Tap Water

What’s In My Water?

A question that creates more questions… Your unfiltered feed water can contain contaminants ranging from large, visible sediment to microscopic bacteria particles, undetectable to the human eye.

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Surface Vs Depth

Back to Basics: The Difference Between Surface and Depth Filtration

Filtration is the process of separating solids from liquids through a filter medium, a material allowing liquid to pass through it while blocking solids.

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Clean Vs Dirty Filter 2

When Should I Change My Filter?

When it comes to filtration systems, the health of the cartridge inside plays the most critical role

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Soft vs Hard Water – What’s The Difference?

Soft vs Hard Water – What’s The Difference? You have probably heard of the…

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Low Pressure Drop Scaled

How A Lower Pressure Drop Can Save On Your Energy Bills

How A Lower Pressure Drop Can Save On Your Energy Bills In 2022 alone,…

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Chlorine V Chloramine Feature Image

Chlorine vs Chloramine – The Pros and Cons

Chlorine vs Chloramine – The Pros and Cons Adding chlorine and chloramine are treatment…

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Chlorine Feature Image

Does Chlorine Affect You and Your Application?

It is clear that chlorine is used and holds many benefits, however do you need to be aware of the negative effects and do you need to remove it for your application?

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Chloramine Feature Image E1675788411372

Does Chloramine Affect You and Your Application?

How do you know if your application requires protection against chloramine and, more importantly, how to remove it from your supply? We’re here to give you the answers you need.

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Water Resistant Fabric Scaled E1672928806940

How To Remove PFAS From Your Water

Before PFAS becomes a household name for the wrong reasons, learn how to remove PFAS from your water supply before it’s too late!

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Pfas Blog 1 Scaled

What Are PFAS Chemicals?

These substances are man-made chemicals with properties that make them water, oil and heat-resistant, a desirable quality in various industrial and commercial applications.

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Adobestock 305085873 Scaled

Why does filtration on a condensate return loop save money?

Why does filtration on a condensate return loop save money? Building’s boiler system costs…

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Winery Banner V3

Best Filtration Practices in a Winery Process

Best Filtration Practices in a Winery Process The wine industry is one of the…

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Are We Compatible Chemcials

Solutions for Chemical Production: Are We Compatible?

Solutions for chemical production are different to those in other manufacturing facilities. We understand the importance of a media’s compatibility level with the specific chemical so that it can be processed effectively, so we’ve put together this handy guide for you.

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Wine Feature Image

Wine and Bioburden Reduction Filtration for Stabilisation

Wine and Bioburden Reduction Filtration for Stabilisation Bioburden reduction and stabilisation are crucial elements…

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Grape Banner (1)

Wine Diversity & How Filtration Can Prevent Contamination in Wine Production

Wine Diversity and How Filtration Can Prevent Contamination in Wine Production  There is such…

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Softening vs Conditioning

T.A.C – The Revolutionary New Scale Treatment Product (Water Softening vs Conditioning) So you…

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Bottled Water Image

Soft Drinks Blending and Bioburden Reduction Filtration for Stabilisation

Soft Drinks Blending and Bioburden Reduction Filtration for Stabilisation Blending is a crucial element…

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Syrup In Soft Drinks Blog

Syrup clarification for exceptional, refreshing products

Syrup clarification for exceptional, refreshing products The history of soft drinks started in the…

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Gasping Fish – Oxygen Crash

Hot summer weather is great – but not for pond fish! With temperatures soaring…

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Clear Beer Web

Evolving a Good Beer into a Great Beer

Did you know, beer is one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic…

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Soft Drink Production

How Bottle Washing Prevents Contamination in Soft Drink Production

The Soft Drinks market has been on the rise since 2015 and in 2019…

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Beer Colour Web

Target brewing liquor for flavourful and refreshing beer

One of the biggest challenges for brewers is to produce beer that is unique…

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Bespoke Bags 1200

Finding bespoke liquid filtration solutions for the coatings industry

The challenges in coatings industry A popular challenge that the coatings industry faces is…

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Benefits of physical filtration over pasteurisation in beer production

How Physical Filtration Can Lower Production Cost and Help Preserve Beer’s Unique Characteristics Applying…

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Ppp Hero With 222

How to Resolve Haze, Cloudiness and Sediment in Reduced Whisky

Distillers around the world know how important it is to resolve haze, cloudiness and…

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Premier Bag E1528903493856

Getting Back to Basics: What is Bag Filtration?

Bag filtration uses a bag manufactured from filtering material. The bag sits inside the…

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The Unexpected Cause Of Legionella

The Unexpected Cause Of Legionella Outbreaks

When we think about Legionella, we tend to think about pipework, dead legs, TMV’s and…

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The Benefits Of Fibredyne Carbon Cartridges For Incoming Water In The Beverage Industry

The Benefits Of Fibredyne Carbon Cartridges for Incoming Water In The Beverage Industry

Water treatment and filtration are vital when considering incoming water for any beverage production…

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Gin In Glass

Pure RO Water Is Key To Exceptional Spirit Drinks Appearance

It is a known fact within the distillery society that each distillery has its…

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Depth Brochure Flat Lay Image Cta1

Depth Brochure Release: Download Today

With the continued positive feedback and customer focus of our product literature getting good…

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How Does The Hse Business Plan Update Affect Your Business1

How Does The HSE Business Plan Update Affect Your Business?

With the latest release of the HSE Business Plan for 2018/19, here we look…

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Surface 8

Getting Back To Basics: What Is Pleated/Surface Filtration?

‘Pleated’ or also known as ‘Surface’ filtration treatments, will commonly use a range of…

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About Us Hero

BREXIT: Why Legionella Doesn’t Care About Politics

There are still many uncertainties about how Brexit will be handled and we all…

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Why Do You Need Certification In Filtration Sm

Why Do You Need Certification In Medical Filtration?

With more and more Legionella and Pseudomonas tap and shower filters on the market, it is vital to…

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Keiba Awards Finalist Blog Image

Finalists For Employer Of The Year KEiBA Award 2018

Finalist for Employer of the Year KEiBA Award 2018 We are very excited and…

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Microplastics In Bottled Water

Are There Microplastics In Your Bottled Water?

Be careful what you drink, your bottled water may contain microplastics, researchers have shown.…

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What Contaminents

What Contaminants Are In My Water?

Look at a glass of sparkling H20 and you’d be forgiven for thinking it…

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10 Facts

10 Facts That Will Make You Think Twice About Depth Filtration

You may have heard of depth filtration, but have you ever wondered about its…

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How Long Will My Filter Last

How Long Will My Filter Last?

If you’ve invested in a professional water filter system, then it makes sense to…

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How To Make Your Filter Cartridge Last Longer

How To Make Your Filter Cartridge Last Longer

With so many different water treatment products and processes on the market, including bag,…

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Web Finishing 3

Where Filtration And Water Treatment Is Used In Finishing Industry

The manufacturing finishing industry describes a wide range of industrial processes, including electroplating and…

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How To Feed Your Steriliser With Pure Water, Hassle Free

How To Feed Your Steriliser With Pure Water, Hassle Free

When you operate a dental surgery, you need peace of mind that your operation…

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