Milk, cheese, butter and milk powder manufacturing requires quality control to make sure the products produced meet consistently high levels of quality as dictated by the stringent food production standards set.

Consumer safety is of paramount importance, so production engineers go to great lengths to protect us from unwanted natural ingredients such as parasites and bacteria that can cause sickness in the consumer, if contained in the final product.

Fileder are experts in the field of filtration and water treatment, specifying and supplying solutions appropriate to the dairy facility’s requirements of water filtration and treatment as well as some of the dairy industry’s specific processes such as separating bulk whey from milk.

The Challenges

Dairy - Fileder Filter Systems
  • Separation of food components
  • Cryptosporidium and other parasites protection
  • Bacteria removal from wash-down water
  • Feed water purification
  • Product appearance and quality
  • Site facilities including boiler efficiency