Automotive & Marine

Within the automotive industry the needs of the end user assembly plant as well as the component suppliers vary greatly, however the quality standards for each manufacturer and supplier in the automotive industry is set very high. Wide ranging applications include large grinding applications using water to cool CNC machines, test build integrity using pure water, fine high efficiency filtration applying electrophoretic paints and lacquer applications at the end of the automotive assembly process, and these are just a few of the critical applications requiring filtration solutions.

Fileder support this market by providing solutions to the filtration and water treatment challenges typically faced. From the removal of bulk solids such as swarf to fine particles/gels in the paints and the production of very pure water for various applications, Fileder specify and supply filtration and water treatment systems and components tailored to the specific requirements of this market’s applications.

  • Cleanliness of components
  • Appearance of the surface coatings and paint on the automotive
  • Coolant cleaning for re-use
  • Glycol purity for use in radiators
  • Production of pure water

Automotive & Marine

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