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Reproducing the natural environment for different fish is a challenge faced by all fish keepers. They will know the challenges of getting the levels of various elements in the water correct, to encourage aquatic life survival and growth. The requirements of individual fish keepers vary and include the removal of particulate, debris and other matter from tanks, ponds and aquariums, using bags or depth cartridges.

Targeting of specific unwanted elements such as chlorine, chloramine and metal ions, uses carbon cartridges and resin cartridges to protect the fish from chemical attack. There is also the common requirement from keepers of marine fish to produce reverse osmosis (RO) or even totally de-ionised (DI) water which is used as a base before marine salts are added. Ultraviolet (UV) systems are also used to help eliminate water quality hazards that threaten aquatic life.Some or all of these stages of filtration and water treatment are required by all fish keepers. A wide portfolio of products from Fileder covers each of these applications, meaning we are at the forefront of filtration and water treatment supply to the aquatics industry.


  • Incoming water contaminant control
  • Chemical contaminant control of chlorine, chloramine, nitrates
  • Heavy metal ions removal
  • Pure water production for marine fish
  • Algae blooming
  • pH control
  • Lead times, delivery and service
  • Requirement for simple and effective maintenance


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