Filtration applications are typically defined by the performance characteristics of the filter cartridge being used, however selecting the right filter housing can optimize and enhance the results achieved from different cartridges. Several factors are important to consider when selecting housings such as system operating pressure, flow rate and pipework requirements, application temperature, chemical compatibility and the housing location/environment.

The SPECTRUM range of filter cartridge housings includes options to suit most applications from the economic, compact, easy-to-use plastic collection which are compatible with most types of water and operate upto 40oC through to the more industrial stainless steel options catering for higher temperatures, wider end-cap compatibility and larger flow rates. The portfolio also offers high-flow housings for large scale applications and a specialist sanitary range for high purity requirements.

Commonly Used For...

  • Depth filters
  • Surface cartridges
  • Carbon blocks
  • Resin cartridge shells
  • Range of flow rates
  • Various pipework sizes

Product Range