Paints & Inks

Chemicals used for producing a coating, such as paints, lacquers and inks have similar requirements of needing to be spread smoothly and evenly. Filtration supports the manufacturing and use of these products by removing gels and congealed lumps that can form in the manufacturing processes. Bag filtration is commonly used to remove these gels and bulk solids due to consistent results and the ability for viscous liquids to flow through the media. Filtration, in the form of depth cartridges, is then used again in the case of paint spraying.

Environmental concerns and subsequent regulation changes have meant a growth in the requirement for water-based solutions. The water used needs to be controlled so the other constituents are not affected by elements contained in the water. Typically reverse osmosis (RO) systems are used to produce water free from the majority of contaminants that could affect the product although some also use deionised water for this purpose to ensure consistency.

The Challenges

  • Ensuring smooth application by removal of gels and lumps from product
  • Product make-up water contaminant control
  • Pure water production
  • Elements leaching from filters and systems affecting product
  • Requirement for simple and effective maintenance

Paints & Inks

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