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Established, independent and specialists in advice and supply of Water Filter Systems, Water Treatment Products, Process Filtration, Water Filter Housings, Microfiltration Filter Cartridges, Particulate Filtration, UV Water Filters and Reverse Osmosis Systems.

With over £5 million of stock held in our UK and German facilities, we provide our customers with the best service available. The stock availability, technical support, external account managers, training and laboratory facilities we provide, offer excellent customer service which is why our customers agree that we are 'easy to deal with'.

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Medical Shower & Tap

Medical Showers and Taps

Surface Filtration

Pleated Cartridges

Depth Filtration

Depth Filtration Cartridges

Carbon Cartridges

Carbon Filtration Cartridges

Resin Cartridges

Resin Cartridges

Filter Housings

Water Filter Housings

Bag Filtration

Bag Filtration

RO Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems

RO Components

Reverse Osmosis Components

Pressure Vessels & Resin

Water Treatment - Pressure Vessels and Resin

Water Conditioning

Water Softening

Ultraviolet Disinfection

UV Disinfection


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