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Residential & Private Water

Residential markets span domestic houses, larger estates with private borehole supply and residential housing for students or the elderly. Challenges of providing potable water and water fit for purpose as well as compliance with regulations governing private water supply, mean Fileder’s filtration and water treatment solutions are required to overcome issues with contaminants in water. Scale prevention on the point-of-entry (POE) to the residence is a common requirement, using a softening system to make the water soft, reducing detergent use and preventing scale build-up.

Other incoming treatments include particle removal using WRAS and DWI approved depth filtration and bacteria control using cartridges and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems. Although organics, taste and odour improvements can be made at the POE, it is more usual to make these improvements at the point-of-use (POU) with carbon cartridges or targeted resin cartridges for specific contaminants such as nitrates or arsenic. At the POU, there is sometimes the desire for reverse osmosis quality water where RO systems are used.

The Challenges

  • Incoming water particulate and bacteria
  • Water hardness and scale control
  • WRAS and DWI compliance
  • Heavy metal ions removal
  • Taste, odour and appearance improvements
  • Reverse osmosis quality water desired
  • Requirement for simple and effective maintenance

Residential & Private Water

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