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Food Service

Modern day living has encouraged the growth in the use of dispensing systems for drinks, coffee machines and similar equipment. It has therefore become critical that the contaminants in the water feeding these systems is controlled to keep the drink’s taste and consumer safety to a consistently high standard.

Challenges are often seen in water hardness, particulate, taste and odour control as well as practical factors such as the space available and speed of delivery of replacement cartridges or equipment spares. Fileder’s range of food service systems provides total peace of mind with WRAS approval for all cartridges and capabilities of removing particles, chlorine taste and odour, hardness and parasitic cysts. The use of this high volume multi-technology cartridge range ensures equipment maintenance is kept to a minimum whilst offering blending control to suit client taste requirements.

The Challenges

  • Scale control to protect dispensing equipment from scale
  • Taste and odour control from chlorine and other chemicals
  • Particle removal to prevent pipework clogging
  • Parasite and cyst protection
  • Requirement for WRAS approved product
  • Speed of dispensing
  • Requirement for simple and effective maintenance

Food Service

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