The finishing industry requires quality control throughout, to ensure standards of the surface finish are high with no defects requiring component rework. There are many types of surface finishing that use different techniques to produce finishes for various different materials.

From course filtration of electrolyte plating fluid with batch process filters to ensure continuity of finish to organics removal with carbon to eliminate pitting on bright finish plating, the finishing industry requires an exacting final product. Pure water gained from either reverse osmosis systems or de-ionised resin treatment also ensures spot free drying of PCB process and decorative items.

Fileder support this market by providing solutions to the filtration and water treatment challenges typically faced by the producers of these items. From the removal of particles and organics and the production of very pure top-up water, Fileder specify and supply filtration and water treatment systems and components tailored to the specific requirements of this market’s applications.

The Challenges

Finishing - Fileder Filter Systems
  • Cleanliness of plating fluid
  • Organics causing pitting on the surface
  • Appearance of the surface finished component
  • Production of clean top-up water