Quality control is all important in the market of chemical and petrochemical production. Ensuring the best possible product is manufactured, without unwanted contaminants that can affect performance in service, as well as the appearance of the chemical in packaging.

Fileder’s expertise in the chemical and petrochemical market includes the filtration and purification of bulk and fine liquid applications, small batch process, essential cross contamination prevention, through to water well reinjection. All filtration and water treatment systems used are to ensure final product quality and consistency of production.

  • Cross-contamination from one chemical to another in small batch production
  • Unwanted sediment that affects the chemical in service
  • Visual effects from contaminants
  • Pure water dilution and feed water purification
  • Leaching of contaminants from filtration equipment and consumables
  • Product appearance and quality
  • Site facilities including boiler efficiency


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Solutions for Chemical Production

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