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Typical Applications

  • Endoscopy
  • Infection Control
  • Renal Dialysis
  • Estates


Fileder has provided hospitals with filtration and water treatment solutions for over 3 decades, helping to produce safe, pure water to meet stringent standards.

Hospitals benefit from Fileder's 'easy to deal with' philosophy, supplying direct from their extensive stock, helping to reduce supplier base and purchasing costs, while supplying high quality product solutions for use in each department. 

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Incoming Water

Hospitals store large volumes of water to distribute through long and complicated pipework. Cleaning the water at this initial stage has benefits for an entire hospital's water network.

Fileder recommends

Depth Cartridges | Bag FiltersSoft H20-DUO Softener System | SABRE UV Systems | Stainless Steel Housing | Bag Housings


The quality of the water used in the Automated Endoscope Reprocessors (AER) is paramount for the cleanliness of endoscopes. This is particularly important at the final rinse stage where the disinfectant chemicals are washed off and bacteria is not introduced from this water. It is therefore critical that clean water is used.

Fileder recommends

Depth Cartridges | RinseCap 0.2 Micron Absolute Filter | Plastic Filter Housings | Depth Cartridges | Soft H2O-PRO Softener System | Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Case Study

NHS Cirencester Hospital


Infection Control

Water delivered at point-of-use (POU) throughout the hospital should be safe for cleaning, washing and drinking as outlined in L8 and HTM 04-01. Bacteria such as legionella and pseudomonas can cause a serious threat to patient's health and if not properly controlled, can cause potentially lethal infections and diseases.

Fileder recommends

Pentair X-Flow Medical Shower & Tap Filters

Case Studies

NHS St Richards Hospital | NHS Worthing Hospital

Renal Dialysis

The purity of the water used in dialysis is critical in order to effectively clean the blood of patients. Impurities, chlorine and chloramines in the water and system can cause health problems with the patient, subsequently this requires an increase in medicines used for treatment.

Fileder recommends

Soft H2O-DUO Water Softener | Stainless Steel Housing | Carbon Block Cartridge | Spun-Bonded Cartridge | Reverse Osmosis Membrane | SABRE UV System | PPPTFE Air Vent Filter

Sterile Services

One of the most important areas for water quality in a hospital. Water is used to clean instruments and critical components of systems used during operations and procedures on patients. Water for the water disinfectors should be softened. Water used in the production of clean steam or treated steam for the autoclaves, must be of very high purity.

Fileder recommends

Soft H2O-DUO Water Softener | Stainless Steel Housing | CFB-Plus Carbon Block Cartridge | Spun-Bonded Cartridge | Reverse Osmosis Membrane | Pleated Cartridge | PPPTFE Air Vent Filter


Water used by patients for mouth rinsing should be bacteria free. Bench-top sterilisers are fed with water which must be free of impurities, as this can affect the instruments and cause scale build-up on expensive equipment. Water must also be bacteria free to prevent cross contamination of instruments. This area is considered critical as it falls under the guidance given in HTM 01-05.

Fileder recommends

Double Head SPECTRUM Twist-Lock System | SPECTRUM Pressure Vessel | De-Ionising Resin 
Single Head Hollow Fibre Cartridge | TDS Meter

Facilities & Services

Facilities and services make up a large part of a hospital and require filtration equipment to ensure that they function as expected. Such facilities include, kitchens, air handling units, laundry and boilers.

- Efficient boiler and HVAC systems save money
- Scale free ovens reduces maintenance and improves food quality
- Sterile clothing reduces infections

Fileder recommends

Depth Cartridges | Pleated Cartridges | Carbon Cartridges | Reverse Osmosis Systems | Water Softeners | Filter Housings