4 Elements for Success: How Filtration Overcomes Challenges in Chemical Production


Quality control plays an extremely important role in the chemical production market. It is essential to guarantee the highest quality product, free from any undesirable contaminants that may impact both performance in service and the aesthetic of the chemical and petrochemical.

Fileder specialises in the chemical production sector, focusing on the filtration and purification of bulk and fine liquid applications. This expertise extends from small batch processes, essential cross-contamination prevention, to water well injection. The utilisation of filtration and water treatment systems is integral to maintaining the ultimate quality of the final product and ensuring consistency in production.

Bulk Chemical Filtration

Unlike other applications, chemical production often requires filtration solutions suitable for aggressive liquids, often in a hazardous environment. Depending on chemical liquid and process, two methods are used here.

  • Rough Filtration: using bag filters, this stage removes larger particles and impurities providing a first line of defence against contaminants 
  • Fine Filtration: depth cartridges, such as wound and spun-bonded, work to refine chemical streams, capturing smaller particles and ensuring the required quality

Haze Control

Achieving crystal-clear results requires advanced filtration methods. Employing advanced filtration techniques becomes imperative to mitigate haze from a solution. High-efficiency filtration methods, such as the SPECTRUM Premier Pleat range and absolute-rated cartridges ensure that the chemical remains clear and free from undesirable haze. 

Pure Water Production

Employing a softening or conditioning system can help maintain desired characteristics in a product as well as protecting against scale formation, reducing maintenance and energy use. Using reverse osmosis (RO) and deionisation (DI) systems will remove ions and salts, reducing the cost of blowdowns in boiler feeds and producing a neutral base for chemical formulation. 

Product Packing

Capsules designed for sub-micron filtration eliminate any impurities that could jeopardise the final product aesthetic. Similarly, pleated cartridges offer extra precision in filtration, specifically targeting sub-micron particles to meet the highest quality standards for the end product.

In chemical production, each filtration element is as important as the other, ensuring that the final product meets and surpasses the highest standards of quality and purity. As technology continues to evolve, filtration is ever-present against challenges in this sector and is a key contributor to precision and excellence.