OEM & Bespoke products

Fileder offer an “own label” service to clients that wish to promote their own brand. This is key for many suppliers to their markets as well as OEMs offering replacement consumables.

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a company that builds a system and uses our filtration systems and consumable components in the build. They often offer these consumable items as a replacement spare. Fileder support these customers with custom filtration to suit their systems.

Putting a client’s own label on a product could be seen as offering a bespoke product however Fileder also develop products specifically for customer’s requirements for size, design, media, end fitting configurations, O-ring/gasket materials and anything else the customer desires in the way of development and packaging.

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  • Own labelled products
  • OEM supply
  • Bespoke product development

OEM & Bespoke products

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