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Facilities Management

As one of the leading suppliers of filter systems to the Facilities Management (FM) Industry, Fileder regularly shares its experience and expertise with FM clients looking to solve their water challenges. Typically, these challenges are with the hardness and contaminant control of incoming point-of-entry (POE) of water, to a facility, that can be filtered to remove particles, parasites and bacteria and treated with a water softening system to prevent scaling, before distribution and use onsite.

Other applications are with specific point-of-use (POU) outlets where filtration and water treatment solutions are required, such as bacteria removal with POU tap and shower filters. There are also applications common to many buildings including closed loop water circuits, cooling towers, humidifiers and evaporators where solutions are provided to keep standards high.Pre-commissioning of closed-loop water systems is carried out before the building is used and depth and pleated cartridges in housings remove particles and debris in the loop. For ongoing cleaning of the water, side-stream filtration is often added to these loops, offering an economic method of reducing maintenance costs.

  • Compliance with standards, regulations and meeting client requirements
  • Incoming water contaminant control
  • Scale control
  • Point-of-use bacteria removal
  • Dirt and bacteria build-up in pipework for cooling towers, evaporators, closed loop water circuits and other equipment
  • FM companies - reduction in supplier base
  • Availability of filters and equipment spares
  • Lead times, delivery and service
  • Requirement for simple and effective maintenance

Facilities Management

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