Green Energy: The Importance of Pure Water in Hydrogen Production


As green energy use is becoming increasingly important, the use of hydrogen has emerged as a promising solution for a more sustainable future. At the heart of hydrogen production lies a process called electrolysis, where water is split into oxygen and hydrogen, where electricity, and in certain systems, a specialist membrane is used. What may not be immediately considered is the role that pure water, specifically deionised (DI) or ultra-pure water, plays in ensuring the efficiency and longevity of hydrogen electrolyzers.

Electrolyzers and How They Work

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To grasp the importance of pure water in hydrogen production, it is essential to understand how an electrolyzer works. These devices operate by passing an electrical current through water, causing it to split into hydrogen and oxygen. This process occurs within the electrolyzer’s chambers, where the gases are collected and subsequently stored.

The Challenge of Contamination

The quality of water used in electrolyzers is important due to potential contamination from impurities, which could then hinder the efficiency of the process. Water tends to contain dissolved ions that, if not removed, can accumulate on the membranes used in hydrogen production, compromising their performance over time. This is where the demand for pure water, particularly deionised water, comes into play.

Pure Water Solutions for Hydrogen Electrolyzers

Manufacturers are turning to advanced filtration and water treatment solutions to meet the demand for high-purity water in hydrogen production. Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems coupled with DI polishing on the machines provide an effective solution for ensuring that the water fed into electrolyzers is free from contaminants and dissolved solids.

A Greener Future

Hydrogen production through electrolysis has gained traction for its potential as a clean and renewable energy carrier. Water treatment and filtration companies like us are at the forefront of supporting the hydrogen industry by providing systems to produce high-quality, contaminant-free water.

As technology advances and more hydrogen producers join the desire for sustainability solutions, the need for reliable water treatment solutions will only intensify. As experts in filtration, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that contribute to the success of hydrogen production and electrolyzers, and help progress in the journey towards sustainable energy.