How To Remove PFAS From Your Water


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Tackling PFAS is continuously becoming more critical as the years pass by. The nature of PFAS creates a scenario where they will continually accumulate in our water cycle, causing more and more problems as they build up. Studies and research conducted in the US allow us to learn how to combat PFAS before they become a household term for the wrong reasons. It is important you understand how to remove PFAS from your water supply!

These studies conclude that the two best technologies to remove PFAS from drinking water are:

 Activated Carbon Technology
 Reverse Osmosis Technology

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon filters adsorb contaminants found in water, including lead, chlorine and PFAS. The large surface area of carbon filters combined with highly porous properties makes activated carbon efficient at trapping large molecules such as PFAS and allowing the safe smaller particles through.

The new PFAS ChlorPlus and FloPlus Systems are NSF/ANSI 53 certified for reduction of PFAS!

We recommend one of the following WRAS-approved activated carbon products to take PFAS out of your water supply before use:

Alternatively, the whole SPECTRUM FibreOnyx range is great at removing PFAS, as well as lead, chlorine, chloramine, and sediment!

Pfas 1

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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis products remove dissolved contaminants, leaving only high purity H2O. Reverse osmosis technology can lead to more water use but ensures outstanding treated water quality. They contain minuscule-sized pores; whilst PFAS can vary in size, they are almost always larger than the pores, ensuring the highest removal efficiency.

We recommend one of the following reverse osmosis products to take PFAS out of your water supply before use:

Pfas 2

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Home System Recommendation

With Fileder’s recommendations of the SPECTRUM PTL-CB and SPECTRUM PTL-RO cartridges, it’s easy to stay safe at home. The PTL-CB is a specialised carbon system, while the PTL-RO has both activated carbon and reverse osmosis technology, both creating the perfect barrier to PFAS.

Want to find out more about how we can help you remove harmful PFAS chemicals from your water? Contact our experts today, we’d love to hear from you!