Soft Drinks Blending and Bioburden Reduction Filtration for Stabilisation

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Soft Drinks Blending and Bioburden Reduction Filtration for Stabilisation

Blending is a crucial element in the soft drinks manufacturing process. Precise measurement and mixing of ingredients are critical to ensure consistent product quality. There are different blending methods available for automated lines and manufacturers choose the method that best suits their process and needs.

After investing much effort in sourcing, producing and blending all the desired ingredients, soft drink manufacturers are determined to ensure that their product will arrive on the shelf meeting all the requirements and will be one of the bestselling and inspiring drinks that people will remember. Protecting their brand by ensuring that there is no harm to the consumer or deterioration of the product appearance throughout their range is one of the challenges that manufacturers have in their day-to-day life. The majority of the soft drink producers overcome this challenge of protecting their brand by using two filtration steps in the manufacturing process.

These filtration stages are commonly known as Bioburden Reduction and Stabilisation.

Bioburden reduction is when fine particles and some microorganisms are removed. It is essential for product clarity and to protect the final stabilisation filtration stage. Absolute pleated cartridges Crypto CP/CP+ from SPECTRUM are used to remove the bulk of the spoilage contaminants and can provide absolute efficiency for the effective removal of Cryptosporidium and other microorganisms. These glass fibre media pleated cartridges allow high flow and have excellent removal efficiency.

Stabilisation or ‘Sterile’ filtration is the final polishing stage before bottling when bacteria and other spoilage organisms like heat-resistant moulds are removed to extend the shelf life of the final soft drink product. SPECTRUM Bubble Point cartridges are certified to log7 reduction of bacteria and ideal for beverage polishing before packaging or bottling. This validated, integrity tested range uses the latest technology to create a highly asymmetric, permanently hydrophilic membrane. Bubble Point was developed and designed for intricate and critical beverage applications.