BREXIT: Why Legionella Doesn’t Care About Politics

Life Sciences

There are still many uncertainties about how Brexit will be handled and we all have our opinion on the subject. Here at Fileder, we will not be able to predict how Brexit will work however, there is one thing we can be certain on:

Legionella Doesn’t Do Politics

Whilst we could keep debating this until the day arrives, Legionella is secretly waiting stuck in a dead leg piece of pipe or hovering in lukewarm water around shower heads and taps ready to pounce and cause infections or even death of a patient/member of staff.

We’ve Increased Our Stock Holding!

Because we know that Legionella doesn’t care about Brexit and the uncertainty it causes, we now stock 5 months’ worth of Legionella tap and shower filters to anticipate your worst-case scenarios. We know that these products or similar can take 8+ weeks to be supplied by other businesses, which in that time could leave you with potential risks to the patients’ health. With our increase in stock quantities, we can deliver directly to you the next following day, worry-free. Just remember, make sure you order early and our team will work hard to get these deliveries to you when needed.

And We’ve Got Your Back

Unfortunately, parasites and bacteria don’t wait for Christmas, Bank Holidays or weekends either. At Fileder we understand that fighting this type of bacteria is a non-stop battle, so we have an emergency 24/7 hotline to ensure that our tap and shower filters reach you as soon as possible.

For more information on our Legionella and bacteria control tap and shower filter range and how Fileder can help specify the correct certified products for your application then please free to give us a call on 01622 684999 or make an enquiry below and one of the Life Sciences team will be able to help you.