Go With the High Flow: How High Flow Filters Benefit Distilleries

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The complex alchemy of flavour refinement in distilled alcohol means that distillers must go through a process where every nuance is integral to the final product and precision is paramount. For this reason, the importance of high flow filters throughout large distilling applications cannot be understated. From the treatment of source water at the very beginning of the journey, to the removal of large particulate such as char or botanicals, to the final stages of clarification and haze removal; every phase has an impact on the outcome and will be noted by the consumer.

Challenges in the industry

Maintaining this level of exactness can be challenging, especially when balancing this with the need for efficiency and an ever-increasing demand for supply. The process of physically filtering large volumes of liquid, as well as frequent changes of the large number of cartridges required to accommodate high flow rates, contributes to the complexity. The associated labour and disposal costs add to the logistical nightmare for many distillers, particularly those operating on a large scale, to strike the right balance between product quality and cost and time efficiency.

Solutions for high flow applications

Thankfully, with a little help from Fileder, this problem is easy to deal with. SPECTRUM High Flow filter cartridges boast lower capital costs than equivalent regular diameter counterparts, higher dirt holding capacity allowing for less frequent changeouts, as well as significantly speeding up the cartridge changeout process itself by allowing far fewer cartridges to be utilised.

Ppp Hf Product Pic

In fact, just one 40” high flow cartridge can be used in place of around thirteen standard 40” pleated cartridges. For emphasis, downtime and manpower can be reduced from that required to change 133 standard cartridges, to that required to change out just 7 high flow cartridges!


Protect the integrity of your product

Additionally, high flow filters play an important role in protecting the integrity of delicate flavour profiles in distilled spirits. The exact classification of SPECTRUM high flow, glass fibre cartridge filters ensures that only impurities and undesirable compounds are filtered out, leaving behind the essential components that contribute to the distinct taste and aroma of the final product and preserving the unique characteristics of the raw materials used in distillation. Distilleries leveraging SPECTRUM high flow filters not only optimise their operational processes but also elevate the overall quality and marketability of their distilled spirits.

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