Product Overview

High flow housings are relatively new to the market, providing filtration solutions for particulate removal up to 13,300 lpm. With specially designed filter cartridges, highflow installations offer advantages over regular diameter cartridges, such as, lower capital costs, higher dirt-holding capacities, fewer changeouts and in turn reduced manpower and system downtime. The housing range accepts most marketplace high flow cartridges but has been engineered to provide optimum results with the SPECTRUM High Flow Premier Pleats (PPP-HF & PPG-HF). 

Starting with the single round vessels capable of achieving flows over 1300 lpm through to the enormous 13,000+ lpm capabilities of the 7 round, this range has the operator in mind with Davit arm assemblies on larger vessels providing safe and simple opening/closing of the housing. Cartridge handling is swift and requires less manpower with the cartridges inserted into defined positions for ease of operation.



Key Product Features

  • Offers up to 350% higher flowrate than regular diameter cartridge alternatives
  • Reduced footprint can provide the perfect solution to limited floorspace installations
  • Swing-bolt closures allow tool-free changeout, significantly reducing valuable labour time
  • Replacement high flow cartridges can cost over 80% less than regular diameter cartridges for the same flow rate system
  • A single 40" high flow cartridge can hold as much as 7kg of dirt, equivalent to almost 5 x 40" regular cartridges
  • Fewer changeouts and less system downtime
  • 6" diameter pleated design creates massive surface area allowing huge flow rates and low pressure drops