Legionella loves summer like we do

Life Sciences

Temperature Rising

Most of us in the U.K. have been lucky enough to enjoy some fantastic sunshine, and for many us it simply provides the opportunity for outdoor social events, BBQ’s, drinks and ice-creams.

As we enter the peak Summer months, warmer weather arrives and we abandon our workplaces for some well-deserved holidays, we have to keep in mind that bacteria such as Legionella takes advantage of the changing environment.

What Happens To Our Water?

Hot weather means that our cold water is more likely to go above the 20 degrees, where Legionella moves from ‘Dormant’ to ‘Active’. This begins at the feed source, typically via a municipal company, and has impact right through to a poorly insulated cold water storage tank sitting in an attic, eventually exciting at a point-of-use in potentially fatal air-borne water droplets. Long holidays mean less consumption in workplaces and a drastic reduction in water usage. A typical example is schools and universities. Whilst our young ones are sitting on the beach, playing Snakes and Ladders with Grandma or gaming to their hearts content, these buildings remain virtually empty for a month or more. No water usage and reduced circulation results in stagnant, warm water Perfect breeding grounds for bacteria such as Legionella.

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How To Beat The Bacteria

Naturally water increases in temperature as the weather improves and municipal water companies are not required to provide water below 20 degrees, therefore control measures need to be put in place.

Legionella professionals will be fully aware that warmer temperatures plus stagnating water equals a recipe for disaster. Luckily, this can be avoided with a comprehensive flushing and water maintenance regime. In fact, summer for schools or universities, can be the ideal time to implement remedials mentioned in risk assessments. Removing dead legs, checking/maintaining TMV’s (thermostatic control valves) and cleaning water storage tanks.

Control measures are the best way to minimize and control Legionella but when all else fails, solutions at point-of-use, such as Sterile Tap and Shower filters are available to see you through critical periods and prevent establishments being closed.

Legionella Doesn’t Take Holidays… Neither Do We

Here at Fileder we understand at the point of discovering Legionella at your outlets, you often require an immediate solution. For this reason we operate a 24/7 Hotline and Email Contact system to assist you at the time when it counts most.