How A Lower Pressure Drop Can Save On Your Energy Bills


How A Lower Pressure Drop Can Save On Your Energy Bills

In 2022 alone, it was reported that the average price for electricity used by non-domestic users was 3x higher in June compared to the previous year, while gas prices doubled during this period! With energy prices being at the forefront of a lot of peoples worries, it’s important to be aware that a low pressure drop will help save you money on your bills.

A pressure drop is what equates to the amount of energy it takes to push a liquid through a filter. Typically, to overcome a high pressure drop you would increase the pump pressure, which then creates higher bills as it uses more energy. A higher pressure drop across a filtration system can be created from many factors, including:

● Sediment clogging the filter
● The system being undersized based on required flow rate
● Incorrect micron size for your filtration needs
● Scale creating blocked pipes

It’s important to check your pressure drop regularly to ensure the performance of your filter and keep the pressure drop low. Not only will this benefit your monthly energy bills, it will also improve the end result you expect to get from your filter as it will continuously perform at its very best.

Our Recommendation…

Fileder recommends measuring your pressure drop by using gauges on the inlet and outlet of your filtration set-up, the difference in pressure is the pressure drop. Each product has an optimal pressure drop, so make sure to check the technical sheet for accurate advice.20230216 103102 1536x864