Product Overview

The most popular and versatile cartridge in the Premier Pleat range, the PPP, provides an exacting classification for targeted particulate removal. Many applications benefit from using the high efficiency, large surface area and inert properties of this WRAS approved polypropylene cartridge. The 4 layers used to construct the pleat pack offer depth characteristics and when combined with the sharp cut-off of the 95-99% efficient main filtration layers, offer high dirt holding to optimise service lifetime.

High flow and low-pressure drop is achieved due to the large surface (0.56m² per 10″) which is up to 50% greater than industry standard cartridges. The media is also available in a wide range of micron ratings (from 0.1 – 100 micron) to suit the requirements of the application.

An improved cage construction delivers excellent flow dynamics and is designed to protect the integral pleat pack which providing overall rigidity and strength to the cartridge.

Cleanliness is assured from the vacuum packed inner plastic wrap, which is then further protected by tough outer heat sealed plastic packaging. Each cartridge is individually labelled and boxed which prevents confusion during installation of multiple cartridges.

Key Product Features

  • WRAS approved and FDA compliant
  • 95-99% high efficiency with sharp cut-off media
  • 4 layers of media for high dirt holding capability
  • Large surface area (0.56m² per 10") for high flow, low pressure drop
  • Manufactured in a clean room environment
  • Double bagged and individually boxed and labelled
  • Wide range of lengths and micron ratings