Pure Water Production in Cosmetics and Toiletries



‘Aqua’, or water as we know it, tends to be first on the ingredient list of your favourite cosmetics product, which proves just how important it is to the manufacturing process of most cosmetics and toiletries. We’re here to tell you the role of pure water production in makeup water and just how critical it is to get this right.

Amidst the complex manufacturing process for a lot of cosmetics and toiletries products, the role of water, especially pure water, can be underestimated. Base water, or makeup water, serves as the starting point for a wide range of products, ranging from shower gels to foundation formulations. The significance of ensuring pure base water will stop anything from reacting with ingredients you add to create your desired product, as well as aiding the manufacturing process allowing less downtime.

Pure base water, free from contaminants and impurities maintains the integrity of cosmetics and toiletries. Impurities can often compromise the stability of the product, leading to an inconsistency in texture, colour and shelf life.

Water quality is often specified before a system is put in place, and treatment will typically fall into one of two categories; reverse osmosis and deionisation.

Our Solutions

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis (RO) is an effective water treatment option, which separates out the majority of any remaining salts, ions and other contaminants to produce pure water, otherwise known as permeate.

This stage is recommended after a particle removal stage using a depth filter and carbon treatment to remove harmful chlorine/chloramine.

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If further salts and ions need removing after an RO stage, the permeate can be passed through charged resin beads that attract ions to their surface; this is known as mixed-bed deionisation.

This process ensures the creation of a stable foundation that minimally impacts other ingredients in the manufacturing stage. Used in the formulation of products like soaps, shampoos, mascaras, lip gloss and more, the production of pure water and the effective control of bacterial growth in the water system stands at utmost importance.

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After all, when it comes to the beauty industry, the purity beneath the surface is what sets the stage for a flawless masterpiece!