A reverse osmosis membrane is a highly effective purification method to remove salts and ions to produce pure water. A spiral membrane is constructed with a number of membrane envelopes wound around a perforated central tube. The water is forced through the semi-permeable membrane which rejects the salt molecules leaving pure water on the other side. This pure water is called the permeate and spirals inward to the central tube for collection. SPECTRUM membrane elements boast both excellent average rejection rates (99%) plus the ability to operate at very low (3.6 bar) pressures, resulting in some of the best performing membranes available  

Key Product Features

  • Used exclusively in renal dialysis machines (both fixed and mobile units), the SRO-4611 can purify over 4,500 litres per day
  • 100% integrity tested
  • All membranes are shipped dry to maximise shelf life
  • Test parameters - RO membrane test data compiled at 550 TDS feed, pre-filtered to 5 micron, de-chlorinated water at 25°C

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