Why use liquid filtration for Pipework Pre-Commissioning in Buildings?


Why use liquid filtration for Pipework Pre-Commissioning?

Pipework pre-commissioning verifies whether the installed pipework system operates effectively and is ready to be handed over to the next stage of the project. There are a number of benefits as to why pre-commissioning is important, the most significant being to ensure that the installed pipework operates without a leak and to its maximum operational capacity. This involves safeguarding the integrity of the system in place and ensuring the reduction of debris or contaminants that can damage equipment and delay system start-up.


Which method of Pipework cleaning?

To remove contaminants and to improve the reliability of the system, pipework undergoes a cleaning stage. Industry bodies recognise two methods for cleaning a newly constructed building’s water system, the first is to 100% flush the system to drain and accept the discharge consent cost or alternatively, use filtration to lower costs by reducing water usage, discharge costs and labour time whilst benefitting from BREEAM points for being environmentally friendly by using filtration and water treatment initially.

BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association) a professional body providing specialist expertise in construction and building services, recommend using filtration full flow (or full bore) in the traditional method or the more recent CPC method to achieve the required BG29/21 5mm particle guide target for cleanliness.

A filtration system comprises of a single stainless steel housing (SPECTRUM Inox stainless steel filter housings available with 2-6” ports), holding multiple filter cartridges which are replaced as required. Typically pre-commissioning clients use 20µm rated cartridges initially and then replace these with 5µm or 1µm rated cartridges for finer polishing. The choice is determined by the water temperature, function of the cartridge and desired result. Typical options are spun-bonded cartridges for chilled systems (CHW) or string wound cartridges for heated systems (LTHW) (SPECTRUM TruDepth or SWC Wound filters with SS core.

After pre-commissioning a closed loop water system, there are ongoing maintenance cost savings to be had by diverting 5-15% of the flow through a side stream filtration system to continuously remove excess contamination.

Fileder is proud to have supplied the pre-commissioning and water treatment industry for over 40 years.