Product Overview

SPECTRUM Inox single round housings were specifically designed in a heavy duty construction to perform in the harshest of application environments with high temperatures, high pressures and challenging liquids. Offering solutions beyond plastic housings, these high grade 316L stainless steel housings suite applications from nominal particulate removal to critical absolute filtration when selecting the appropriate end-capped cartridges.

Operating at the highest temperature rating in the range, EFH housings are ideally suited to industrial applications. Accepting double open-ended cartridges, the top nut screw tightens the housing and head together once the cartridge is placed over the tie-rod and spring. When fully assembled the knife edge seal of the housing head provides the necessary secure seal for this cost-effective upgrade to plastic housings.

Key Product Features

  • Requires only 10mm clearance for cartridge changeout
  • Comes with compatible EPDM gaskets for high temperature operations
  • Tie rod ensures easy location of cartridge