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RO water for Brewery

Fourpure was set up by two brothers with a passion for travel and adventure. After experiencing the modern beer scene in the West Coast of the US, the brothers established and set up Fourpure in 2013. They wish to share their enthusiasm for diverse flavours with a goal for individuals to accessibly explore good beer. The brewery has been committed to producing the highest quality beers and being at the forefront of brewing innovation and efficiency. The brewery produces a wide range of year-round beers which are available in keg and can format, they also offer a number of small batch and one-off beers, including lager, stout and fresh and flavoursome IPAs.

Following the rapid growth of the brewery and popularity from customers there was a challenge ahead for the team at Fourpure. The water supply of purified water had to be increased to provide sufficient supply for multiple tanks covering process stages, such as hot, ambient and cold liquor, wash down process, keg filler, line sterilisation process, DAL and CIP.

The team at Fileder visited the site and went through all the requirements. The company needed to be able to completely refill their 100hL tank within 3.5 hours, as 3.5 hours is the duration of their brewing cycle. Following the provided information an AXEON M1-Series Reverse Osmosis System was recommended and later installed enabling them to produce sufficient amounts of purified water in regard to the process stages mentioned earlier. The M1-Series Reverse Osmosis System is designed for overall superior performance, high recovery rates, minimal energy consumption and offer great savings with low maintenance and operation costs. Therefore, the system we provided comfortably covered their requirements.

Established for 40 years, Fileder Filter Systems is one of the largest independent process filtration and water treatment suppliers in the UK. A wide range of filtration and water treatment products are available to order for next day delivery, including carbon blocks, pleated and depth cartridges, housings and RO systems.

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We worked with Fileder throughout our growth from one small RO unit, to one bigger RO unit, to both working together, all the way up to the recent expansion project with one of the biggest RO units I’ve ever seen – and we haven’t looked back. It is a genuine pleasure to work with the Fileder team to find the optimal solution to deliver the quality water our beer demands

Ben Roberts, Head of Engineering and Environment

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