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Chemical Filtration

A world leading, innovative formulations and manufacturing company making products that provide effective solutions to many issues in the amenity, sports turf, agricultural, horticultural and forestry markets.

A high quality manufacturer with a long established history of expertise in formulation chemistry. Quality control is an essential aspect of processing and integral to this is a fully equipped research and development laboratory and a quality assurance laboratory with HPLC analytical equipment. This is underlined by ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and the added assurance that programmes are overseen and managed by highly qualified scientists.

In 2015 AmegA Sciences was purchased by ICL, a global powerhouse for fertilisers and speciality chemicals with production activities globally with a worldwide marketing and logistics network. Since AmegA Sciences was acquired by ICL there has been a significant investment in the facilities and equipment including a plant expansion

AmegA Sciences were looking for Fileder’s support with filtering blended products prior to packaging from their filling machines. One particular issue they faced was an impurity in a liquid fertiliser product which had precipitated out and sunk to the bottom of their IBC’s.

Fileder visited AmegA, completed a full site survey and recommended that they build a mobile rig containing our 50µm SPECTRUM Polypropylene (BP-420-50) and 10µm SPECTRUM Polypropylene (BP-420-10) bag filters, housed in PENTAIR Polypropylene Bag Housings (PBH-420-1.5). The SPECTRUM bag filters provide a simple and economic solution for particulate removal whilst maximising the filtration surface area. PENTAIR Polypropylene Bag Housings are a compact, economic and versatile solution for housing the filters. As a result of Fileder’s solution, the impurity was completely removed and AmegA have continued to produce without issue.

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In addition, to support AmegA with the filtration of a higher end product that required to meet stringent standards, Fileder recommended 1µm SPECTRUM Premier Polypropylene Bag filters (PBP-1-2). The very high efficiency provided by this particular bag filter ensures high levels of contaminant removal combined with high dirt holding. Exactly what was required for this application.

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The systems Fileder provided have meant that AmegA have been able to consistently protect their products from impurities. AmegA Sciences have been so happy with the solutions provided that they have been continuously using Fileder for their filtration supply for over 10 years.

AmegA Sciences Ltd

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