Case Study – Argent Energy

Removal of suspended solids during fuel conditioning and polishing

James Bennett from Argent Energy started to work with Fileder five years ago, to overcome issues experienced with premature blocking and heavy usage of filter bags, sourced from their current supplier.

The fuel is a blend of ULSD (ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel) and biofuel which has fatty ester like properties and can contain contaminants such as fatty acid particles and amides. High blends like 70/30 tend to cause drop out influenced by climate, bulk storage and utilisation.

It is essential for these particles to be removed as they could cause problems within the bus and truck engines, for their clients including Stagecoach bus group.

Specifically, these contaminants, would otherwise clog up the filters and internal components of the bus engines and interfere with the cold filtered particle additives that are added to the fuel to prevent it from freezing.

Fileder worked with James to fine tune the bag selection to provide the correct cascade of micron ratings to achieve the desired results of performance and bag longevity.

Fileder has supplied Argent continuously over the last 5 years supplying products regularly including SPECTRUM Stainless bag Housings, Size 3 and 4 bags for fuel conditioning and Size 2 bags for Fuel Polishing.

50,000 litre tanks of fuel have to be drained and cleaned from time to time and historically we would be forced to dispose of the bottom 5 inches of fuel as it was too badly fouled to recover. Sourcing a fuel polisher allows us to recover 50% of this fuel saving our client money as well as meaning there is less waste to dispose of, so it is also great from an ecological point of view. We were going through a lot of bags during fuel polishing and the previous manufacturer bags were astronomically expensive. SPECTRUM size 2 bags were a perfect and economical retrofit to the housings of the fuel polisher.

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I have always found Fileder’s customer service, stock holding and next day delivery capabilities to be second to none.

The Fileder bags feature a plastic neck which improves the seal and are easier to fit and use, I always recommend Fileder to my customers

James Bennett

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