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Side Stream Filtration System for CHW (Chilled Water Circuit)

A Spec Environmental are one of the UK’s leading providers of quality water treatment services encompassing BSRIA codes and CPC (Closed-loop pre-treatment cleaning) filtration methodology. They provide all stages of the water treatment process from pre-commissioning cleaning to water sampling and analysis to tank remedials and validations.

Ben Marshall, the Owner of A Spec Environmental initially contacted the team at Fileder Filter Systems with a request for a filtration system suitable for CHW (Chilled Water Circuit) Side Stream Application.

The process of recirculating chilled water can create favourable conditions for buildup of dirt in the pipe system over time. Closed loop systems harbour dirt, sludge and scale from the feed water as well as swarf debris and microbiological contamination from within the system which can cause blocking or corrosion of the pipework.

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Installing a side stream filtration system that diverts part of the flow provides continuous removal of excess contamination.

Following the requirements for a filtration system with the capacity to filter 10m3/hr, the team at Fileder recommended a side stream filtration system utilising the following products:

SPECTRUM Multi Round Housing PFH-SPC-5-30-2-GP-ML with The SPECTRUM Trudepth Premier Spun cartridges PSP-5-30 and PSP-1-30.

SPECTRUM Multi Round Housing PFH-SPC-5-30-2-GP-ML, Fileder’s Premier Multi-Round Inox Filter Housings range demonstrate a blend of functionality and ease-of-use in high-capacity industrial applications. Designed with the user in mind, the swing bolt and hinged lid or Davit assembly enables cartridge replacement to be achieved with no loose parts, heavy lifting or tools required. All housings come complete with a universal plate which can accept both double open ended (DOE) and 222 fittings.

The TruDepth Premier Spun Polypropylene cartridges SPECTRUM PSP-5-30 and PSP-1-30 have a deep-grooved construction that significantly increases the surface area, maximising the dirt holding capacity of the cartridge whilst the integral support core increases pressure and temperature operating conditions.

Following the positive outcome on the completion of this project the team at Fileder was also able to assist A Spec Environmental with some further projects such as condensate side stream, LTHW & CHW permanent installations.

To find out more about the filtration applications mentioned in this case study, contact our team.

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With a particular project, we required a quick turnaround time and an exacting client specification that needed to be followed. With the technical assistance and help of the team at Fileder coupled with excellent stock holding and technical assistance throughout the process, we managed to deliver on time and on budget, achieving the outcome our client was seeking.

We have continued to use Fileder on other projects and have also worked with them to provide industry improvements and R&D projects to assist our industry

Ben Marshall

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